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Please complete the form below so we can understand more about your need and desire to do the inner work. This information will help in our discussion on our Discovery Call.

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What are the stories/wounds/pains that have caused you to not get the love and life you really want? What has prevented you from becoming and feeling like the person you've always wanted to be?

Question 2 of 4

If you could heal yourself from everything holding you back and live a life being your best self, what would that look like to you?

Question 3 of 4

The Gauntlet has been designed to help you heal your deepest wounds and limiting patterns so that you can live your best and most authentic self. Are you ready to honor your desire to heal by committing to invest in yourself in terms of time, effort and finances to this process?


Yes, I am willing to invest in myself to heal my core wounds and learn how to love myself and invite love and fulfillment into my life


No, I am not ready to make this commitment at this time

Question 4 of 4

We appreciate your vulnerability through this application. To respect the healing process, and both your time and ours, we need to ask before the next step - will you show up fully ready to this Zoom video call?


Yes I will check my email for the zoom link and show up


No, I just clicked this to see the application process and will probably not show up

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